Space Station: Frontier Mixes Tower Defense and RTS on the iPhone

Space Station: Frontier is sci-fi themed game for the iPhone platform that successfully combines the real-time strategy and tower defense genres. Tower defense games are related to the RTS genre, but rarely provide the strategic depth typical of games like StarCraft. Space Station: Frontier is an exception to that rule.

Space Station: Frontier for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


  • Excellent Campaign Mode Storyline
  • High-Quality Graphics and Sound
  • Simple and Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Multiplayer Mode Using WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Support for the OpenFeint Social Gaming Network
  • Unlock Upgrades to Improve Space Station

Developed by Origin8, who specialize in other tower defense titles for the iPhone, Space Station: Frontier brings enough to the table to please typical RTS fans, as well as tower defense junkies looking for more depth to their defending.

Combining RTS and Tower Defense on the iPhone

Space Station: Frontier’s premise is typical for a sci-fi tower defense game. The gamer is in charge of a space mining station dealing with an influx of alien enemies wanting to control the surrounding region. Through successful management of mining operations, including the space station’s power grid and weaponry, the intrepid gamer tries to save humanity.

The core of Space Station: Frontier is classic RTS. The gamer must mine the surrounding asteroids to keep the space station well-powered and armed to stave off perpetual alien attacks. Power generation is the key to success as it allows for both additional mining platforms and defense weaponry. During each campaign mission, a well-designed space station ends up resembling a spider web of power units, weapon platforms, and mining gear.

The iPhone’s touchscreen interface is effectively used as the gamer manages his space station with simple finger swipes and taps. Power-ups, credits, and upgrades are earned throughout game play and also are usable in each of Space Station: Frontier’s game modes.

iPhone Multiplayer and Social Gaming in Outer Space

In addition to the campaign story line, Space Station: Frontier features other game modes, including three open-ended “survival” modes, as well as multiplayer over WiFi or Bluetooth. The survival modes are vital for unlocking weaponry and mining upgrades needed to succeed in the campaign mode.

Full support for the iPhone’s popular OpenFeint social gaming network is provided, including achievements and worldwide leaderboards. With OpenFeint launching on Android, cross-platform social networking between Space Station: Frontier players might be a possibility in the future.

Considering the plethora of tower defense games already in the App Store, it is difficult for some games to stand out. Space Station: Frontier is easily one of the best strategy games for the iPhone platform, providing excellent strategic depth to go with the real-time excitement typical of the RTS genre. An iPad-specific version, Space Station: Frontier HD, is also available.

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