Rise of Atlantis for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Rise of Atlantis is another in a long line of Bejeweled clones available for the Apple iPhone platform. What sets this game apart is an interesting story line set in the ancient Mediterranean. Successfully completing each level places an artifact on the Altar of Poseidon. When all artifacts are acquired, Poseidon raises Atlantis from the sea.

Rise of Atlantis for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Features

  • Bejeweled-like Match Three Puzzle Game
  • Engrossing Storyline Based on Ancient Mythology
  • Unlock Bonus Items and Features
  • Excellent Graphics and Presentation
  • Support for the OpenFeint Social Gaming Network

Developed by SkyZone, a company specializing in mobile game development, Rise of Atlantis stands out among other Bejeweled clones with its story line providing a measure of context. The game is also reminiscent of the popular Puzzle Quest series, like another iPhone game, Devil Invasion.

Helping to raise Atlantis using the iPhone

Rise of Atlantis’s core story line revolves around returning a collection of ancient artifacts to Poseidon. Each level of the game involves visiting an ancient wonder of the world and solving a collection of match three puzzles which earns the player some of parts that make up an artifact.

The level is finished when the artifact is fully restored and placed on the Altar of Poseidon. In completing the game, the player journeys around the Mediterranean, visiting exotic locales such as Babylon and Ancient Egypt, while solving match three puzzles to collect Poseidon’s artifacts.

During each puzzle, the parts of each artifact appear on the game board; they are collected when they fall off of the bottom of the board. Various bonus items like bombs and lightning assist in clearing some of the more difficult puzzles, with boards that vary in their shape and layout.

The graphics in Rise of Atlantis are excellent, providing a nice flavor of the Ancient Mediterranean. With each new puzzle, an additional bit of ancient historic trivia about each location is revealed.

Using social gaming network support to save Atlantis

Rise of Atlantis was a featured title in OpenFeint’s Game Spotlight program. The game also fully supports the popular iPhone social gaming network with leaderboards and a collection of achievements adding to the overall replay value.

There are many Bejeweled clones available on the iPhone platform. Some of those clones, like Babo Crash, feature the occasional action game element. The popular series, Puzzle Quest, also showed the viability of a match three game engine for providing context or storytelling. Rise of Atlantis proves that gaming model also works in the Ancient Mediterranean; it’s a recommended game for Bejeweled fans looking for something more to their puzzle solving.

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