Forever Drive – a Stylish Futuristic Racer on the iPad and iPhone

Racing game fans who also love the movie Tron need to check out Forever Drive, an isometric racer available for the iOS platform. Futuristic graphics and an easy-to-use course designer are just two elements giving this title loads of replay value.

Forever Drive for the iPad and iPhone Features

  • Excellent Graphics Reminiscent of Tron
  • Course Designer With Tons of User-Created Tracks
  • Elegant Freemium Game Model
  • Unlock Cars, Paint Jobs, Course Designer Art and More
  • Skillful Drivers can Race Forever

Developed by indie game shop Supermono Studios, known for the arcade shooter, MiniSquadron, Forever Drive is a blast to play and looks especially great on the iPad 2. It’s a race against time and only best drivers race forever!

Racing Through the World of Tron on the iPad

Starting a game of Forever Dream means jumping right into the racing action. Various control options are available, while accelerometer-based steering using auto-acceleration appears to work the best.

Each race takes place in some futuristic city with graphics looking like they are straight out of Tron. The intrepid futuristic driver is racing against the timer, while earning experience points used in unlocking additional cars, paint jobs, and scenery for the in-game course designer.

The graphics and animation frame rate are both excellent. Forever Drive features top down 3D graphics along the lines of another excellent iPad racing game, Death Rally. The object of the game is to finish each track before the timer runs out. Other cars try to hamper the gamer’s progress, while various pick-ups along the way earn more XP.

Forever Drive elegantly uses the freemium gaming model. No in-app purchases are required to play or finish the game, but races using the in-game credits earn the player a lot more experience points. In short, spending a little cash on these credits unlocks new cars more quickly. Gameloft, who ruined the Let’s Golf series with a broken freemium model needs to take note!

Forever Drive’s Course Designer

Forever Drive’s excellent in-game course designer greatly adds to this racer’s replay value. Designing a course is as simple as choosing a location, using a finger to draw the track layout, adding climbs and dips, and finally dragging some scenery on to the track.

It’s possible to preview the track using 3D graphics and also give the new layout a test spin. User-designed tracks are uploaded to the Forever Drive server and ending being used by everyone playing the game. It’s also possible to rate each track after finishing a race.

Any racing game fans with an iOS device need to download Forever Drive. It’s one of the best racers on the iOS platform.

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