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Free iPhone Data Recovery

Looking For A Critical Data Loss Specialist In Australia To Help You Recover Your Data?
Look no further than Free iPhone Data Recovery!
We are the number one phone data recovery and phone repair company in Australia today. As a top provider of iPhone data recovery solutions and repair services in Australia, we have what it takes to ensure that you get your data back and that your device continues functioning normally, even after repair. Our experts enable the recovery of recent deleted, recovers accessible data from the storage device through data recovery tools. Therefore, you should not be afraid to reach out to us for data migration, data loss, erasure, dead iphone data recovery and restoration challenges.



We will address all your data recovery needs to the best of our ability to ensure positive results for you.

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MacBook and iMac
Comprehensive Phone Repairs

While our services are affordable, we use Grade A parts to ensure the best results. Furthermore, we ensure that your data remains intact and is not affected by the repair. As a result, we are one of the highest-rated cheap iPhone repair specialists in our area.

Screen Repair

We are the right people to consult when you need your Macbook and iPhone screen repair. We understand that a cracked or destroyed screen can affect your communication and use of your iPhone. Therefore, we use high-quality parts to ensure the best results for our clients. As a result, you can go back to using your Macbook and iPhone as soon as possible.

Universal Unlocking

Universal unlocking provides numerous benefits to a phone user. For example, you can easily use a new sim card if you are traveling, you can switch carriers minus penalties, and the phone may have a higher resale value if unlocked. We are the number one universal unlocking expert in Australia, and we can help you achieve universal unlocking at cost-effective prices.  Reach out to us today and see how well our Universal Unlocking Service works for you.

Broken LCD Repair

Free iPhone Data Recovery is the ultimate broken LCD repair professional in Australia. We work hand in hand with our clients to repair their LCD screens and restore them to their initial state. Therefore, if you have problems with a broken LCD screen, you can bring it to us, and we shall help you repair it.

Touch ID / Home Button Replacement

iPhone SE2 and iPhone 8 are equipped with touch ID features instead of FACE ID like in iPhone X,XS,11, 12 & 13 models. The touch ID on the Apple iPhone SE2 is susceptible to breaking quite easily and impossible to fix without specialised tools. A simple replacement of the touch ID button with a aftermarket home button does not restore the fingerprint functionality however it is possible to have the button fixed for good using cutting edge software technology. The exciting news is that we have partnered with an excellent refurbishing company, Phonebot, to fix & sell iPhone SE2 via their website. These guys have been able to fully refurbish iPhone 8 and iPhone SE2 home buttons so they function like new. Some of our customers have been complaining about not being able to use the fingerprint feature after a simple repair or they were simply looking to switch from their exisiting phone which uses Face ID to a phone which uses Touch ID.

Body Repair

Your smartphone is a crucial part of your daily life. Without it, your life is interrupted. If you are looking for an expert to help you with smartphone body repair, we are the right professionals to come to. We understand your needs and what even a slight interruption could do to you. We will repair your smartphone within the stipulated timeline, at a friendly price, and with the best quality parts. 

Water Damage Repair

When your phone is damaged by water, you need the help of a water damage restoration expert such as Free iPhone Data Recovery. We repair liquid damaged phones and ensure that these devices work as well as they did before. However, we advise our clients that to better the chances of their phones surviving liquid damage, they should reach out as soon as possible. So whether your phone took a dip in the swimming pool, fell in the toilet, or was accidentally dropped into a container, reach out to us, and we shall help you restore it.

Speaker Microphone Fix

Need your speaker microphone repaired in Australia? Look no further than Free iPhone Data Recovery. As a company, we understand the need for quality speaker microphones. Therefore, when your speaker microphone no longer works like it used to, we will be the ones to bring it back to good condition.  Trust us with your speaker microphone and notice the difference.

Apple Watch Software Fix

We have seen many Apple watches lately which have become unusable after a simple software update. Its hard to fix these devices without specialised equipment as there is no way to connect the smart watch to a computer via cable or wirelessly once it becomes bricked. Well we have a solution for all types bricked Apple watches. We carry the right equipment and the right tools to fix all water damaged and software damaged devices at a reasonable price so you can continue enjoying your existing Apple Watch and dont have to throw it in the bin just because of a simple software glitch.

We Fix All Types Of iOS Devices
Free iPhone Data Recovery is the number one iPhone device fixing company in Australia. Whether it is your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad that needs repair and fixing, we shall be there to help you figure out the problem and an ultimate solution. We have a strong, dedicated team of researchers and development experts who have experience developing the right solutions and using them to fix iPhone devices.
All our solutions meet the needs of our clients and can come in do-it-yourself, remote, or lab capabilities. Our services also address high-end enterprise environments and complex problems. Therefore, you should feel free and confident to reach out to us for all your iOs needs.
We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device
Low Pricing & Faster Repair Services
Most mobile repair companies do good work. However, their prices can be exorbitant and require that the customer breaks the bank to get good service. At Free iPhone Data Recovery, we understand that our customers need the best services at an affordable. Therefore, we do not make them choose between quality service and affordable pricing. Our business model allows you to have affordable, quality services, which is one of the main reasons we have gained a stellar reputation over our years of service.
We encourage you to reach out to us, and we shall ensure that all your needs are met, and your phone, Macbook, or iPad is restored to a good state.
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What device types do you recover data from?

As a company, we take the highest precautions when recovering your data. We handle both android and iPhone devices securely to ensure that we can recover the data you may have lost. iOS devices store their information within their internal memory on the NAND memory chip. In contrast, Android devices may store data in different places, such as the NAND memory, SIM card, or MicroSD card. Therefore, we have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to extract the information no matter your device.

What causes mobile device failures?

Since we would like our phones to remain in top-notch condition, these gadgets experience failure due to exposure to elements, being dropped, and malware such as viruses. Some of the most common reasons why your device may feel and need repair include:

  • Fire and water damage
  • Accidental deletion of data such as pictures, videos, phone numbers, and messages
  • Reformat of an SD card
  • The physical dropping of the device
  • Broken or failed circuit boards
  • Corruption of files by malware such as viruses.

Why work with us for all your data recovery needs?

Free iPhone data recovery is a dedicated mobile repair and data recovery company specializing in recovery and repair on all models of mobile devices. We can recover data from different operating systems and external memory. Upon the use of our services, you will recover:

  • Contacts
  • Call history and contacts
  • Messages
  • Photos and video and audio files
  • Documents

What can I do to increase the chances of recovering my data?

You can increase the chances of recovery by taking precautions such as avoiding booting mobile data recovery software on your phone. However, suppose you cannot successfully recover your data in this way. In that case, there is a chance of permanent data loss as the software may overwrite any existing data on your mobile.
You may also avoid powering the device if you dropped it and save any parts of the phone. If it fell in the water, remove the battery and do not charge it or power it on. If your data gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, turn off your phone to avoid any further damage. Reach out to us, and we shall help you recover as much as possible from your device.

Can I trust you with my mobile phone and that you will successfully recover the data?

Of course. As one of Australia’s best phone data recovery companies, we have a track record of successfully recovering data from all types of devices. So you can trust us with your device as we keep it safe and restore all the data lost.

What is the data recovery process like?

The data recovery process starts way before we get your gadget in our hands. First, there is an initial consultation to find out what happened to your mobile phone and see which is the best way forward. We then give you an overview of the recovery process and review the pricing options.
While recovery may be simple in some cases, others can be more complex. Therefore, we evaluate your situation further and ensure that you want to proceed with the recovery. You also know which files will be recoverable, the price for the service, and receive a detailed analysis from our experts. After this, you sign the relevant papers, and we begin the actual data recovery with the right tools and techniques. The time used for recovery depends on the service level, the damage that happened, and the amount of data that needs to be recovered.
Once this is done, we will have to copy the recovered data to a new external USB drive and deliver it to you with instructions on accessing and reinstalling this data to a device.

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